Securities and Exchange Commission

WERR Corporation
is Registered with the Securities and Exchange commision to ensure that our company is operating in a legal way.

Declaration of State Policy.
The State shall establish a socially conscious, free market that regulates itself, encourage the widest participation of ownership in enterprises, enhance the democratization of wealth, promote the development of the capital market, protect investors, ensure full and fair disclosure about securities, minimize if not totally eliminate insider trading and other fraudulent or manipulative devices and practices which create distortions in the free market.

Business License / Mayors Permit

To make sure a business entity operates within the legal ways a company has to make sure he has a business license to operate and a Mayors permit before he can do transaction with other people, company or entity.

Department of Trade and Industry - PCAB License (AAA)

"As a key agency of the Philippine Government, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is charged with creating a business-friendly environment conducive to the growth of enterprises and supportive of fair and robust trade in goods and services, both within and outside the Philippines.

DTI wears several hats - it is a coordinating agency for all government activities related to trade, industry, and investments; a promotional machinery for further trade and investments; and a regulatory body to ensure that fair competition prevails."

Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

At the heart of SAGIA’s strategy for growth is a massive building program. Working in partnership with the world’s most prestigious developers and investors, SAGIA is planning four spectacular Economic Cities in key locations around the nation, Through these large-scale, state of the art developments, SAGIA is offering ambitious businesses an amazing opportunity. Companies that set up here will benefit from exceptional services and facilities, giving them the perfect conditions to maximize their efficiency and grow their business yet further.


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