(June 2024)

Message From the President


There is only one word that can describe the construction industry: DYNAMIC. What was popular back then may no longer be accepted in the industry today. Demands continuously change, new products emerge and business models are constantly redefined. Every day, the ability of companies to provide fresh solutions to suit the clients’ ever-changing needs is pushed to its limit. As economies expand, so does the demand for solutions that address the needs of businesses.

For a company which has been in the industry for almost twenty-seven years now, WERR Corporation International recognizes that to be able to adapt to this trend, it has to take bolder steps and perfect the way it does business. Through the fusion of innovation and quality service, it endeavors to achieve leadership in the industry and propel progress.

Our competitive advantage remains to be our wide experience in establishing a mutually-beneficial partnership with all our clients. By capitalizing on our broad experience and infusing them with novel methods of delivering high-quality service to our Client, WCI seeks to create a niche for itself in this industry.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all our valued clients who has sent constant affection and confidence to the growth of the company until now. WCI will continue to provide excellent services that exceed satisfaction now and in the years to come.

Again, thank you for choosing us as your true partner in all your business endeavors.

Customers in 50 Countries across 6 Continents

Categorized as a Triple AAA contractor

PAB: SCUK001360Q
UKAS: SCP000113Q
Certified on most civil works
excluding Design services

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